Friday, August 14, 2009

New Builds on the Way ... the Way Wicked, way!

I am currently working on setting up several new builds.
I will be building an 11'6" St. Croix Wild River for a gentlemen from the Pittsburgh area. He has also shown interested in other rods as well.
I also have a 9' 0" 4wt fly rod and a 5' 6" casting rod I am doing for a friend. These will both be no frills fishing sticks. Performance before beauty!

I will also be starting on a 9' 0" 8wt conversion rod.
This rod is a 4 piece fly rod that I am going to convert to a center pin float rod. I will be building this one for myself. After all, I am my best customer!
I will be experimenting a bit with this build, and using guides that are not common for the type of fishing I plan to do with it.

I also have a rebuild on the way.
It is a St. Croix 8' 0" Avid float rod which will be fished in Ohio for Steelhead trout on smaller streams.

More info and lots of pictures coming soon!