Saturday, November 21, 2009

The blank I chose to use was a CTS blank, from New Zealand. These blanks haven't become popular in the US yet, but their time is coming!I have fished with this model prior to building this one. I was very, VERY impressed with what I saw. It is by far the best rod for me, and my style of fishing. It's not for everyone though!

CTS - FF1104-211' 0" 2pc.
Physical weight - 2.54 ounces (72.0 grams)
Retail cost $168Custom colors are available at an additional charge; per CTS.

Flexilite’s - Ti Chrome.
Total Weight - 5.8 grams.

Natural cork, Laguna Cork, and Burnt Cork.
Reel seat insert is natural cork.
Total weight of handle - 3.05 ounces (86.7 grams)

The weight of the finished rod is 6.34 ounces!
Short of removing the reel seat hardware and switching over to a Tennessee-style handle (sliding rings)... this is about as light as as it gets. I have not fished with this particular rod yet, but I have been outside playing with it a bit. This is my first time using the Flexilite’s and I wanted to get a "feel" for them. So far, they feel the same as Fuji's guides that I have used on previous builds.

Soon, I will be starting on another CTS build, but this time it will be on a 13' 6" 3pc model (FF1363-3). I have not had the opportunity to play with one yet, but the feedback and personal opinions of friends and cohorts - I have very confident that it will mirror the performance of its little brother.

Here's a little something to look at:

Tight Lines!