Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Customer Testimonials...

Here are a few recent testimonials that I received from customers.
The proof is in the pudding, so to speak:

Donna Godfrey: Belle Vernon, PA.
“The rod I received from Brian at Way Wicked Rods was a complete surprise. I knew that Brian was building a commemorative rod for my Husband Jeff, but I had no idea that I too was getting one. The rod is absolutely beautiful, and is extremely comfortable. I could not ask for anything more!”

Jeff Godfrey: Belle Vernon, PA.
“While I was in Afghanistan on active duty for the U.S Air Force, Brian built a commemorative rod for me. Brian gave me the rod when my wife and I went to Ohio for a visit and to fish with Brian. I was flabbergasted when I was handed the rod. I had no idea whatsoever that I was getting a rod, and the rod I was given was absolutely gorgeous! Brian used military decals and custom labels to make the rod unique. It is truly one-of-a-kind and I will cherish it for life!”

Fred Brown: Grand Blanc, MI
"I have had three custom rods built. My latest was a Rainshadow XST1562-3 float rod built by Way Wicked Rods. The first two were obviously by another builder and there is no comparison between the experiences. Brian and I literally spent hours discussing options for every component (reel seats, guides, wraps, cork, etc.) for the rod. His product knowledge of rod building components is outstanding and his suggestions usually caused me to ask many more questions, all of which he answered. The time spent up front was well worth the effort. We nailed down every detail and then he went to work.
"Building went much faster than planning and the results are superb. When I'm out fishing with it, it's a given that passersby ask about the "unique" rod. I proudly tell them it's a custom build by Way Wicked Rods. I'll proudly use this rod for years to come!!"

I have to be honest; it feels great to have things like this said about something that I built with my own two hands.
It is also a great feeling to know that someone is on the water fishing with rods that I made from them, and that they (my rods) are bringing enjoyment and creating memories to someone else!

Fish on!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Well underway...

Four of the builds that I have to do are underway, and I will be posting photo's of the finished rods soon.

At this time I am working on the following:

  • St. Croix 2S116LM2 - Wild River - 11' 6" 2pc Float Rod for an angler from the Pittsburg area.

  • St. Croix 3S80MLM2 - Avid - 8' 0" 2pc Med-Lite/Moderate.

  • ATC F-908-4 - 9' 0" 4pc 8wt flot rod that is being cnverted to a Float Rod for small streams.

  • American Tackle Matrix - 9' 0" 2pc 4wt. Fly Rod.
Here is a photo of me hard at work on the Wild River.

Friday, August 14, 2009

New Builds on the Way ... the Way Wicked, way!

I am currently working on setting up several new builds.
I will be building an 11'6" St. Croix Wild River for a gentlemen from the Pittsburgh area. He has also shown interested in other rods as well.
I also have a 9' 0" 4wt fly rod and a 5' 6" casting rod I am doing for a friend. These will both be no frills fishing sticks. Performance before beauty!

I will also be starting on a 9' 0" 8wt conversion rod.
This rod is a 4 piece fly rod that I am going to convert to a center pin float rod. I will be building this one for myself. After all, I am my best customer!
I will be experimenting a bit with this build, and using guides that are not common for the type of fishing I plan to do with it.

I also have a rebuild on the way.
It is a St. Croix 8' 0" Avid float rod which will be fished in Ohio for Steelhead trout on smaller streams.

More info and lots of pictures coming soon!